Cat Greenstreet
Courage & Renewal® Facilitator

Align Who You Are with What You Do in the World





Are you exhausted from the overload of outer demands? Are you tired of the inner and outer noise and distractions? Are you experiencing a life transition? Are you searching for your true calling or becoming burned out in what you thought was your true vocation? Do you yearn for the kind of space where you can be both in solitude and community – gifted with time to pay attention to your inner wisdom and to build trust? Many of us long for this unique kind of space for ongoing well being in this challenging world. 

Cat Greenstreet offers such a space in retreats and workshops using the Circle of Trust® approach for teachers, school leaders, healthcare professionals, business and not-for-profit leaders, clergy, and anyone who wants an opportunity to reflect, recharge, and renew. This approach was initiated and developed by Parker J. Palmer with colleagues at the Center for Courage & Renewal.

Participants will gain practical tools to deepen their capacity to create courageous safe space individually and in community. As a result of each retreat, participants will develop deeper insights into themselves and be able to bring greater authenticity and integrity to their work and relationships. In such challenging times, it’s vital to build our capacity for resilience, to be discerning in our choices, to learn how to engage the questions of our lives with clarity.

In each Circle of Trust experience, we can

  • Focus, without distraction, on what deeply matters and have time to connect with the guidance of our own inner wisdom
  • Clarify our sense of purpose and integrity
  • Practice deep listening and work with honest, open questions
  • Experience and practice a powerful discernment process drawn from the Quaker tradition, known as a “Clearness Committee” (in two-day retreats)
  • Deepen our courage to live more wholeheartedly

The Circle of Trust approach is outlined in Parker J. Palmer's A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey toward an Undivided Life. See for more information.